Issue 25

June 2014


Issue 25 Editorial

  1. Distant but oh so near! Geographically-dispersed highly connected families
    C. Sluzki

  2. Collaborative interventions: Οperating in one’s best in times of new challenges
    U. Telfener

  3. "...Not to rule us to such an extent". Critical social science in the tradition of Michel Foucault
    T. Zisis
    Only in Greek

  4. The name of the deceiver: Foucauldian readings on MCM (anagram of CMM)
    P. Barbetta

  5. Medicalization of childhood
    E. Moureli
    Only in Greek

  6. Is it still possible to carry out family therapy in the public sector?
    M. Montanaro
    Only in Greek

  7. The contribution of attachment theory in systemic family therapy: delinquent behavior and illness in adolescence
    E. Barbaliou
    Only in Greek

  8. Teaching and Learning as Processes of Conversation
    K. Alexandri & D. Basoglou
    Only in Greek

  9. The Contribution of Feminist Theory to Critical Social Theory
    T. Vosniadou
    Only in Greek


Impressions from a Conference


  1. Impressions from the “European Conference on Systemic Research in Therapy, Education and Organizational Development”
    S. Georgiadou
    Only in Greek

  2. The excursion of a “clinician” to the elephant castle of Systemic Science
    W. Schütze
    Only in Greek


Book Presentation

  1. Titus Milech - Le lieu de crime - L’ Allemagne, l’ inquiètante ètrange patrie
    E. Moureli
    Only in Greek


Metalogos and Art

  1. "Art and Teaching", an interview with Theodore Antoniou
    T. Antoniou & F. Triantafillou
    Video & Text

  2. Epi-Logos for an Epilogue
    F. Triantafillou



  1. DIALOGUE 1 - Some thoughts on Prigogine and Maturana
    I. Antoniou & F. Triantafillou